Residential Organization

Simply Organized focuses on superior organization throughout the home. From bathroom and pantry organization to playroom and closet organization. Everything should have a place and a purpose.

Office Organization

Mail, bills, schoolwork and magazines enter our home on a daily basis. Simply Organized specializes in office organization. From paperwork organization to document management systems. The key is setting up an organizational system that ensures order is maintained.

Pack + Unpack Assistance

Moving is an overwhelming process. Simply Organized provides packing and unpacking assistance to make the transition from one home to the next as stress-free as possible.

After an initial phone conversation, we’ll schedule an appointment for a consultation in your home or office. During this meeting, we’ll discuss areas that you want to focus on, goals you have for those areas and we’ll create a plan of action. Organizing sessions are then centered around these areas and goals.

We customize our services to fit your needs and comfort level. We work side-by-side and/or independently with you, depending on your personal needs and desires. During the organizing sessions, we’ll set up organizational systems, enabling you to consistently maintain the organization that we put into place.