Simply Organized originated the moment I realized that I could use both my passion and lifestyle to help others improve not only their living space but also their overall well-being. Organization is my true satisfaction in life. I am most content and at peace when the area that surrounds me is organized and simplified. Like our physical space, our mind yearns for clarity, organization and tranquility.

As we move through life, many of us believe that the more we have the better our lives will be. We are constantly craving more. More clothes, more electronics, more toys, more gadgets. The truth is, the amount of time and energy it takes to accumulate and maintain these things actually detracts from our quality of living. With a ‘living with less and ending up with more’ philosophy, I not only organize homes but at the same time help you understand the difference between things that you love and need versus things that are unnecessary in your life. It is a whole new way of seeing your things. Making do with less and ending up with more will inevitably result in more free time, more time with loved ones, more savings and a more simple life.